Therapy for Expats in Lisbon

Therapy for Expats Lisbon

Expat life can be very exciting. When we move to a new country everything is new and life seems to be filled with creativity and new opportunities.

Alternatively, when we face normal life challenges – starting a relationship, changing jobs, starting a family – as well as stressful life events – health problems, financial challenges, loss of a loved one – we don’t have the support of family and friends that we would normally have at home.  On top of it, we are living in a different culture with another language, which are all factors that may increase stress. Many times, one doesn’t move alone and our partners and children might struggle to adapt to the new culture. Besides, everyone is going through major changes at the same time, which can put a lot of pressure on the couple and on the family.

Some studies have showed that expats are more prone to issues such as anxiety, depression, couple and relationship problems and substance use, than the general population. Therefore, good quality counseling or psychotherapy is very important to support this expat community.

Having lived abroad myself for sixteen years and having experienced some of these life challenges, puts me in a good position to have some empathy and understanding to the issues presented by my clients. Besides, my clients can also understand my training (in the US and the UK) and accreditation.

Please contact me if you’ve got more questions about counseling or therapy with Expats, or would like to benefit from psychotherapy services in Lisbon.

Services Include:

Family Therapy

Couples Counseling

Individual Counseling

Parenting Counseling

Teen Counseling

Psychotherapy for Expats in Lisbon

Psychotherapy for Anxiety

EMDR Pysychotherapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

Psychotherapy for Depression