Psychotherapy for Depression

Psychotherapy for Depression

I provide adult individual psychotherapy for people who are affected by depression. However, depression might show in a variety of ways, it can be more or less severe, chronic or episodic or it can exist alone or together with another issue. Therefore, we need to understand the person´s particular situation, it is also important to explore the individuals’ history and the context of their lives. Then, I tend to use a mindfulness informed approach, as it may help individuals to face emotional pain and it promotes qualities such as, affect tolerance and self-acceptance. As clients learn to accept and stay with their pain rather than avoiding it, they may create a new relationship to it. They tend to reduce rumination, hating pain or pushing it away, which consequently allows for change to take place. In addition, it is also important to think about the person’s life including, exercise, eating habits and sleep routines.

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