Family Therapy

During family therapy sessions I intend to create a space where the different members of the family can share their worries and feelings, as well as listening to other family members’ perspectives in a safe way. Sometimes, families seek therapy because one member presents with a difficulty.  My aim is to look for resources in all family members, so that everyone can contribute and make some changes to improve the problem. Family therapy is especially useful to improve the quality of the relationships, the well being of all family members and helping them with everyday life challenges such as transitions to another life stage like starting primary or secondary school or university, conflict with a teenage child, behavioral difficulties in a younger child, loss in a family, separation or divorce. Sometimes, one of the family members might present academic difficulties, anger problems, low-self esteem, anxiety or depression.

I use a resilience-based approach helping the different members of the family to identify their strengths and areas of improvement and to develop strategies to make positive changes in their lives. For international families there is also a space to process issues relating to change and cultural differences.

My Other Services Include:

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