Couples Counseling

In Couples Counseling Therapy I provide a confidential,  non-judgmental and safe space for couples to discuss their difficulties. I  believe in a resilience-based approach where the couple can identify their strengths,which can help them to be creative defining new solutions to their problems.

I am influenced by Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy approach (EFT). I initially meet with both members of the couple to listen to each of their perspectives on their difficulties. Afterwards, if we find it appropriate, I meet individually with each member of the couple.

In our work together, we usually try to understand the patterns of the relationship and to explore feelings, thoughts and actions that go along with these patterns. Couples can develop understanding in their way of relating and can start to change it to create more positive interactions. Sometimes, it’s also important to explore past resentments that are getting in the way of the couple moving forward.

I can work with couples with issues such as, communication difficulties, recovering from infidelity, sexual problems, trust issues or are transitioning into a new life-stage.

Other services include:

My Other Services Include:

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