Child Adolescent and Family Clinic

Parenting Counseling
During Parenting Counseling we intend to create a space to reflect with parents on their children’s behaviors that are of concern to them. During this reflection, we take into consideration the child’s development stage, their emotional wellbeing, resilience aspects as well as other issues that might be influencing the child and the family. Afterwards, we develop appropriate strategies to the child’s situation. Parent counseling is based on evidence- based approaches such as the Incredible Years and the Solihull Approach.

The sessions should include the people that are most relevant in the child’s life.

Early Intervention Clinic (0-5 years old)
During the early years, especially in their first-born child, many parents have a variety of questions and some anxieties that they would like to reflect on. Therefore, during these sessions, we intend to give out information to parents, as well as help them to develop strategies to face their problems about themes such as feeding, sleep, tantrums, emotional and social development.

Adolescent Clinic
During the Adolescent Clinic we intend to provide a space to the adolescent, their parents and everyone together to explore the difficulties that come up during this development stage, not only in terms of relationships but also in terms of behavior. We also usually explore issues related to academic achievement.

The sessions should include the most relevant people in the child’s life and the child itself can participate if it is considered appropriate.

Parenting Groups
Parenting groups have six weekly sessions where the parents benefit from the support of the other members of the group e and the therapist to think about specific strategies on how to deal with their child. The themes include themes such as, establishing appropriate limits, dealing with tantrums, the child’s social and emotional development, their self-regulation and the rhythms of feeding and sleep, among other topics. The groups comprise of parents with children of similar age, therefore the topics discussed will reflect the problems related to each developmental stage.