Congress Attachment and Trauma

Over the last decades, the studies on the brain and on psychotherapy have underlined that what happens within the therapist-patient dyad has an impact on the microarchitecture of the brain. Modern psychotherapy, based on both neurophysiology and neurobiology, has been increasingly oriented towards the creation of a therapeutic relationship where the therapist has a mindful attitude to his/her own patient, while the latter can make new experiences, which are able to change his/her neural patterns of functioning and to make them healthier. Some of the most eminent experts in the fields of Cognitive Neurophysiology, Neurobiology and Psychotherapy, will meet in New York to attend the Congress “Attachment and Trauma: The Neurobiology of Healing” – organized, for the very first time, in the “Big Apple”, near the vibrant Times Square – to share and integrate their vast knowledge on this subject. After a 60-minute intervention, each speaker will focus on a 30-minute question-and-answer session with the audience. Finally, at the end of each day, all the speakers that have made a presentation will gather in a 180-minute panel discussion, to further analyze different specific topics.

Stephen Porges: “The Polyvagal Theory: The Transformative Power of Feeling Safe”
Daniel Siegel: “The Science of Consciousness and the Future of Psychotherapy” (live video conference)
Rachel Yehuda: “Biological correlates of treatment outcome and symptom improvement in PTSD”
Pat Ogden: “Beyond Conversation: Neuroplasticity, Embedded Relational Mindfulness and the Body”
Antonio Damasio: “The Neurobiology of Feeling”
Vittorio Gallese: “Emotions in action. Emotion regulation and recognition in traumatized and neglected young individuals”
Allan Schore: “The growth-promoting role of mutual regression in deep psychotherapy”
Sue Johnson: “Facing the dragon together: working with traumatized couples in emotionally focused therapy”
Peter Levine: “Physiology of Bonding and Attachment : Renegotiating/ Restoring Broken Connection”
Robin Shapiro: “Identifying, unzipping, and reassigning “protector” parts in dissociated clients”
Diana Fosha: “The Neurobiology of Healing: A Framework for Undoing Aloneness and Doing Transformational Work in AEDP”

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